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      Zhang Xiaoguang High-end Kindergarten Design Institutions since its inception in 2005, has experienced more than ten years of struggle, has been a high-quality design as the target, the use of the design strength of the team, to build a world-class designer brands. Most serious treat every design project, Finding Clues in every design detail, from design, program ideas, deepen detail, construction drawings and even project management, always try to see the meticulous and detailed arrangements.
      People-oriented, from the artistic perspective, sets professional, humane, into one system, the early childhood education, gerontological nursing and aesthetics perfect integration, to achieve the desired effect of space to maximize profit. Design that is a space for dialogue with the soul, it comes from life, higher in life, with imaginative design ideas, material use, and humane living experience refined design language to achieve these collisions with the human mind.
      "Endless of improvements" a constant challenge and beyond, to enhance the eternal pursuit of our space design, known in Asia, and the world!

      Our goal: to become the world's kindergarten, the pension agency forefront of the overall space design leader.
      Our commitment: each case a fine would be "unique".
      Our mission: to create a first-class brand of design, early childhood education for the global industry, the development of the pension agency to make a difference.

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